Overview: Networking and the Internet

Overview: Networking and the Internet


Humans are inherently social and connected creatures, and this drives much of the technology we create. In 1800 BC Chinese soldiers used smoke signals along the Great Wall of China to communicate dangers over hundreds of miles, while in the middle east carrier pigeons regular delivered mail as early as the 1100s. In India, in the 21st century, some police departments still used homing pigeons to communicate during natural disasters until in 2002 this service was replaced by the Internet. Letters sent in Eur

At the core of this need to communicate over distances are two key elements, the need to communicate with accuracy and often the need to keep communications private. Just like Native American Code Talkers created a coding system based on their languages to encode messages during World War II, today cybersecurity experts work to develop new techniques to ensure communication of sensitive information is private and safe.


Networking is the connection of computing devices so that information can be transferred between them. 


  1. Code Talkers 
  2. Fun Fact: The word Hello was invented by Thomas Edision, while Alexander Graham Bell wanted to use Ahoy as a phone greeting. 

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