CodeVA Facilitator Apprenticeship

CodeVA Facilitator Apprenticeship

The CodeVA Facilitator Apprenticeship is an intensive  practicum emphasizing continuous learning, best practices for facilitation, pedagogy, and CS knowledge acquisition in a hands on experience. Apprentices are given the space to empower themselves through the gradual increase of responsibility to become Facilitators of CodeVA‚Äôs signature teacher training.  


  1. To create a pipeline of facilitators versed in CodeVA best practices of adult learning and CS education.
  2. To create an in-house training and development program within CodeVA as a resource and catalyst for the development of resources, curriculum, and training facilitation. 


The apprenticeship is structured in a cohort model. Apprentices will work closely with current program facilitators in providing training and learning best practices. Apprentices use the learn, observe, participate, facilitate (LOPF) framework. As part of this work, responsibility is gradually increased. Apprentices are asked to complete observations and debriefs with facilitators as part of a continuous learning conversation. As the conclusion of the apprenticeship, apprentices complete performance tasks to show mastery of the Four Domains of Facilitation


There is not a set amount of time for the completion of the apprenticeship. It relies on a combination of factors that emphasizes the apprentice's comfortability, facilitation skills, and content knowledge. The duration of the apprenticeship is connected to the completion of activities and performance tasks based on CodeVA's Four Domains of Facilitation  within a framework monitored by current Facilitators and CodeVA staff. The time-frame for completion is typically a minimum of 6 to 24 months. Because each apprentice is different and brings their own skills and assets to the program the apprenticeship time will vary. 


In order to participate in the CodeVA Facilitator Apprenticeship Cohort applicants must meet the following requirements:   

  1. Current Public School Teacher
  2. Currently licensed to teach in Virginia
  3. Has completed the training program applying to apprentice for  (And taught the course/materials)
  4. CS Endorsement for Elective Teachers 
  5. Has no incident reports 

If candidates meet the aforementioned requirements they are asked to complete and submit an application and if accepted will take part in the intensive practicum-based Facilitator Apprenticeship.   



  1. Apprentice Application
  2. Domains of Facilitation
  3. Facilitator Apprenticeship Structure 
  4. FAQ's

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